Choosing A Fishing Guide

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If you have never hired a fishing guide or didn’t enjoy your last charter trip, this article is for you. The truth is simple, not all fishing guides are created equal. You can’t expect to just Google a charter and pick one expecting to have the time of your life. You would have a better chance of landing a bullseye blindfolded. Read this article from your Lake Michigan fishing charter guides for more information.

Choosing a Fishing Guide

There’s no shortage of charters out there. While that may sound like it would make it harder to choose a good guide, it actually gives you a better chance of finding a fishing guide that best suits what you’re looking for in a trip. Keep these four tips in mind when picking your next fishing guide.

Tip #1 for Choosing a Fishing Guide: Reputation

If someone you know well recommends a guide to you, chances are he’s worth a look. Did you happen to hear about this guide long before you were even looking to book a charter? Does he have some sort of presence online where you can see his recent trips?

Tip #2 for Choosing a Fishing Guide: Catch Claim

Make sure you’re familiar with your charter’s rules pertaining to who gets to keep the catches on board. In some areas it is customary for the Skipper to keep all catches that occur on his boat. In others it is divided equally. Of course, there are also charters that pack an ice chest or are catch-and-release. Read up on your guide to avoid becoming disappointed if you were planning to take some fish home.

Tip #3 for Choosing a Fishing Guide: Read Their Web Page

Just about every reputable fishing guide has their own web page these days. Take a glance around so you know what to expect before booking a charter. This will let you avoid having to leave any belongings on the dock that aren’t allowed on board and also alert you to what you may need to bring along.

Tip #4 for Choosing a Fishing Guide: Adaptability

Does your fishing guide know how to put together a successful charter trip even on a bad day? A good charter does more than take you out on the water, they provide a full experience worth talking about and have backup routes in case their favorite spots just aren’t hitting.

Choosing a fishing guide that is right for you is important, not only because it costs money, but because there are only so many good days for fishing in a year. Make yours count by utilizing these tips for choosing your next great fishing guide. Contact our fishing guides at Kinns Sport Fishing in Algoma for more information.


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