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Lake Michigan Fishing Charters Boat Near A Lighthouse

When choosing a Lake Michigan fishing charter, there are many considerations that you must go through when deciding to hire a charter.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Fishing Charter

Price: Although price is a concern with every decision you make, going with the cheapest rarely ever pays off, especially when hiring a guide. Professional charters and guides put their name and reputation on the line every day and spare no expense in the boat, rods, reels, and tackle they use on a daily basis.

Location: Like any body of water there are different locations at different times that make certain ports better. Location is key this is why we move our boats to the south in the spring, as Winthrop Harbor, IL has consistently produced the highest catch rate on coho and steelhead for spring fishing than any other port for the month of May. Starting in June we move our vessels to our northern port of Algoma, WI as over the last 35 years has produced the highest catch rates on both steelhead and king salmon than any other port according to DNR records.

Boat size: Lake Michigan is a huge lake, choosing a large boat for your day excursion can make the difference in having a great trip or one that you would just as soon forget. The size and layout of your charter boat chosen will help you achieve the comfort level you expect. Safety is always a top priority at Kinn's every spring all our boats are inspected by US Coast Guard. Safety is no place to cut corners when choosing your guide.

Why fish with Kinn's Sport Fishing?

We feel we provide our clients with the greatest value in overall experience when considering all of the above price, location, and boat size. This is proven on a daily basis as our company has the highest return cliental rate in our industry! Our allegiance to our clients is never taken for granted and we will try and fulfill your charter to highest level obtainable.


How early should I be to the boat prior to the charter?

We recommend being at the boat at least 15 minutes prior to your starting time on your invoice.

How many people can I bring on a charter?

You may bring up to 6 passengers. (No age restrictions)

Can we drink or smoke on the charter?

As long as you are of legal age to do so. There is zero tolerance for illegal substances on the boat, any overindulgence will force your charter back to the dock for both safety of you and our crew.

Is fish clean provided?

Fish cleaning is provided at no additional charge.

What is your cancellation policy?

Refunds are available only if poor weather conditions make our fishing trip impractical.

Should we tip our crew?

Tips should be earned not expected, we feel extra effort warrants gratuity. In general tipping of 15 - 20% of your charter is appropriate and are split between crew members.

Can we use a credit card to pay for our trip?

Credit cards may be used for deposits only, as we have no way of processing credit cards on boats. Final balances need to be paid with check or cash.


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